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TASK (2020 - )

An ongoing series of tasks to complete

TASK is a collection of scenarios that present commonplace physical/perceptual acts in odd, challenging, and paradoxical lights. For instance, give this a try…attempt to get out of your chair as normally as possible without making a

single sound. You may have found that the mundane act of standing becomes frustratingly difficult when coupled with this goal. The micro-posturing necessary to maintain silence is foregrounded as we unnaturally slow our actions

and inconspicuously redistribute our weight. When the inevitable failures (involuntary tremors, micro-movements) inherent in this task occur, fragile blips and unstable sounds arise from a tensely energetic silence. Physical processes

normally operating outside consciousness become amplified. These pieces can be performed by anyone interested in attempting them (most require no performance experience). Performances do not necessarily need to be documented through recording, filming, photography, writing, etc. (although they certainly can be), as personal experience and reflection upon one's perception is the main intent. If you do wish to document and/or share your experience, please get in touch with me at

Click the titles below to view/download scores.

I: STAND, for at least three performers, chairs, + collections of suspended objects

II: THRESHOLD, for amplified surface/(s)

III: STRETCH, for at least one voice

IV: SIMULSCRIBE, for at least one performer

V: EAT, for at least one performer, a head of crisp lettuce, + amplification

VI: JAM, for at least one performer, an unfamiliar instrument, + a local jam session

VII: PUSH::POP::STACK, for at least one performer with a collection of objects

VIII: TODAY.NEVER.HAPPENED. [or "Ode to Futility" or...whatever], a private activity

IX: LEXICON, a private activity

X: JUMP-SCARE, for at least one bowed string instrument + audio file

XI: TODAY.NEVER.HAPPENED.II. [or "Channeling Bukowski"], a private activity + a call for scores/proposals opportunity

XII: [p]REpOSITION, a private activity

XIII: ROSETTA, for a group of performers +  invented language

XIV: PHASE, for amplified audience

XV: INTERRUPT, for one knowing participant + at least one unknowing participant

XVI: AFTER SEDARIS, a dishonest social situation

XVII: BUKOWSKI III, an ephemeral collaboration

XVIII: AFTER ODELL, for iNaturalist app, tour guide, + participants

XIX: OBSERVE/REPORT, a social situation

XX: WHATEVER IT TAKES, a group of participants, a TikTok account, + a locked warehouse

XXI: AS I SAY, for at least three performers who all speak different languages

XXII: PAGE 3, for any number of speaking performers, laptops, + projectors

XXIII: SPEECH ROULETTE, for solo speaker, public database, + speech reversing app

XXIV: LOOK WHAT I CAN('t?) DO!, for any number of performers + video

XXV: NEAR, for any number of participants with whistles

XXVI: YOUR FAILURE IS MY PROTECTION, for two performers, a confession, + speech reversing app

XXVII: CROWD, for participants with cell phones

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