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TASK (2020 - )

an ongoing series of tasks to complete...

TASK is a collection of scenarios which present commonplace physical/perceptual acts in odd, challenging, and paradoxical lights. For instance, give this a try…attempt to get out of your chair, as normally as possible, without making a single sound. You may have found that, when coupled with this goal, the mundane procedure of standing becomes frustratingly difficult. The micro-posturing necessary to maintain silence is foregrounded as we unnaturally slow our actions and inconspicuously redistribute our weight. When the inevitable failure (involuntary tremors, micro-movements) inherent in this task occur, fragile blips and unstable sounds arise from a tensely energetic silence. Physical processes which normally operate outside consciousness become amplified. Click the images below to view/download scores.

These tasks can be performed by anyone interested in attempting (most of them require no performance experience). Performances do not necessarily need to be documented through recording, filming, photography, writing, etc. (although they certainly can be), as the personal experience and reflection upon one's perception is the main intent. If you do wish to document and/or share your experience please contact me at

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