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Hello, I am a composer, guitarist, and improviser based in Seattle, WA. In my previous "About Me" blurb, I wrote that my work "is concerned with articulating the vulnerability of the human body, the role failure plays in identity expression, and composer-performer-audience relationships informed by kinesthetic empathy." These remain interests of mine, but they no longer catapult me out of bed each morning. I like to think that I'm currently in a period of hibernation where I've forgotten everything I once knew, where things that once satiated me have become calorically trivial. Perhaps time in this cocoon is the way forward? For now, most of my output is trial and error, an attempt to determine what is important to me these days. I've let music become too much about status, oneupmanship, and academia. I'd like it to bring me joy again. Thanks for visiting the site.


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