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Ryan Carraher (b.1993) is a composer, guitarist, and improviser based in Seattle, WA.


Carraher’s works are psychophysical unravellings characterized by catastrophic fragility, Brownian relationscapes, and stunted-spectacle. Superabundance, ambiguity, and performative impossibility lay bare one’s psychophysical limitations, and conditioned values, whilst issuing a demand for reflection and real-time mediation. Ideally, this reflection incites meaningful introspection into the origins of these limitations, previous perceptual and creative dimensions left unexplored due to them, and galvanizes personal work towards deeper, more fully-aware, performance and creative practices.


He has received commissions from ensembles/performers such as: loadbang, Ensemble Dal Niente, Darmstadt, ECCE, Ensemble x.y, Transient Canvas, Erin Rogers, Mariel Roberts, Giorgos Panagiotidis, Iwona Glinka, Orlando Cela, Popebama, Periodot Duo, Ligament Duo, Philipp Staudlin, Anna Griffis, as well as a workshop featuring members of Ensemble Intercontemporain (ManiFeste 2018).


Carraher has been named the Eastern division winner and national finalist of the MTNA composition competition, selected as a national finalist in the Flute New Music Consortium composition competition, and selected as a national finalist for the American Prize. Additionally he is the recipient of a Tribeca new music merit award and the Berklee guitar department achievement award.


Carraher is also an accomplished guitarist mainly focusing on free/experimental jazz endeavors. He has released numerous albums to critical acclaim with his 2016 release Vocturnal being named to the All About Jazz “Best of 2016 list”. Ryan is proud to use and endorse PRS Guitars.


Currently, Carraher is pursuing his DMA in composition at the University of Washington where he is studying with Yigit Kolat, Joël-François Durand, and Huck Hodge. Prior to that, he earned his MA at Tufts University studying under John McDonald, and his Bachelors in Guitar Performance from Berklee College of Music studying under Alla Cohen, David Tronzo, and Tim Miller. Additional composition instructors include Stratis Minakakis, Stefano Gervasoni, and Erin Gee.

Upcoming Projects

New work for percussion trio :: New work for Ligament Duo :: New work for Duo Zonda :: New work for 3 voices & 2 accordions

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