"Colors," he says to the screen's black lattice (2018)

for bass flute solo

Premiered by Orlando Cela

"Colors," he says to the screen's black lattice is a work whose lifeblood is failure. The performer is reduced to prescriptive physical movements which are assigned to numerous corporeal strata: fingers, air pressure, voice, lips, mouth, tongue etc. Independent movements occur simultaneously in numerous areas often creating an impossible cocktail of motion. We are then left with the beautifully deformed, anxious and turbulent sounds of failure. Paradoxically, in this sound world, the failure to achieve perfection, in spite of the writhing, spectral breath of the traditional, Western performer modus operandi, is success. The title is a quote from David Foster Wallace's Church Not Made With Hands. To me it depicts a perceived lack, a reflection upon an absence, some melancholy obstacle obfuscating true vision.


Recording History

Iwona Glinka :: WAW :: Phasma Records :: May 31st, 2019

[awarded the 2019 Akademia Music Award for Best Classical Album]