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...the string grids of excavators searching for weathered bone (2019)

for violin & cello

Commissioned by/premiered at VIPA

Premiered by Giorgos Panagiotidis & Mariel Roberts

...the string grids of excavators searching for weathered bone is a projection of so-called "event-spaces" onto the structural level. Both the Violin and Cello read from asynchronous parts, performing complex, awkward, extraordinary physical actions in ever-evolving spaces which contain and obfuscate the movements occurring within them. Imagine doing jumping jacks in a large open gymnasium. Wide, quick, rapid motions are easily performable. Now imagine performing the same action (jumping jacks) in the driver seat of a compact car. Try as you might, the same freedom of the gymnasium is unattainable and the movements are imbibed with a stunted, crushed demeanor.

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