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Playing Outside Using Things You Already Know Part 1: Triads

What you will learn in part 1:

-Principles of tension resolution.

-The concept of "opposite quality" applied to triads.

-The concept of "quality reharmonization" applied to triads.

-Side stepping applied to triads.

-Each topic contains an in depth analysis of the technique, how to practice it and why it works.

-6 example lines.

-Triad fretboard diagrams.

To download the free PDF click HERE.

What you will learn in part 2:

-The concept of "opposite quality" as applied to the major scale and it's modes.

-The concept of side stepping applied to the major scale and its modes.

-Fixed interval soloing.

-Specific practice methods to integrate these concepts into your playing.

-Explanation as to why these examples work.

-Commentaries on 12-tone techniques and ideas for further exploration.

-Scale Diagrams.

-6 example lines

How to get part two for FREE!

Step 1: Join my mailing list

Step 2: Subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

Step 3: Email me at saying that you want part two.

Step 4: I will email you the video link and the PDF to part two of this lesson!

For further lessons schedule a Skype lesson with me!

Happy practicing!


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