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...most of Us... (2018)

for solo voice (any type)

Premiered by Rose Hegele

(1)   "...but didn't. No. Never. Oh, Mother! A face in the floor. Mother! Oh, your flashlight stabs jaggedly. Horrid, toothly smile jeering...your light, all the time been scanning. Oh, Mother! A face in the floor. Awake and quivering. Summoning spit. Roll to right, all elbows. Ribs. Two throw rugs, waxed wood shiny. Oh, Mother! But, unfelt by all others and unseen by you."

(2)   " cults of Currency Speculation, Melanin, Fitness, Bioflavinoids, Spectation, Assassination, Stasis, Property, Agoraphobia, Repute, Celebrity, Acraphobia, Performance...Fame, Infamy, Deformity, Scopophobia, Syntax, Consumer Technology...Inner Children...Xenophobia, Surgical Enhancement, Motivational Rhetoric...Telentertainment..."

(3)   "Lie back. Open. Face directions. Look. Listen. Use ears I'd be proud to call our own. Listen to the silence behind the engines' noise. Jesus, Sweets. Listen. Hear it? It's a love song. For Whom? You are loved."

(1), (2), (3) = DFW

(score sample)

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