...most of Us... (2018)

for solo voice (any type)

Premiered by Rose Hegele

The title is a reflection (perhaps a rather cynical one) on the back breaking, societal and self-imposed baggage which is a pervasive part of the 21st century human experience. We are constantly overloaded by flashing screens, unloving corporations vying for our attention to sell us things we don’t need, vapid, mindless entertainment, the pressure of social achievement, of financial success, of attaining your dreams etc.. This is the baggage most of us carry. It has become so commonplace; it is a new gravity. In ...most of Us... the performer personifies this reflection of this baggage. The performer’s mind, mouth, vocal chords, tongue and throat are de-coupled and pitted against each other and presented in an informational overload where the only possible outcome is "system failure". The formal and temporal aspects of this work hinge on this idea of inevitable failure. Often times the information presented to the performer is physically impossible or uncomfortable, resulting in a very strained, fragile sound. Other times the physical tasks notated have no audible effect on the sonic result but rather influence the psychology of the performer. All of these complex, paradoxical, physical gestures are writhing under the skin but all fold into each other and presented through a single voice.


© 2020 by Ryan Carraher