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Summer Happenings

Hey everyone! Here are somethings I'm looking forward to this summer:

- May 2021 :: Premiere of quartet version of dead on the surplus blankets by the UW Percussion Studio

- June 5th 2021 :: Performance of ...most of Us... @ New Music on the Bayou

- June 7-13th 2021 :: Loadbang performing/recording a revised version of we also shape-shift at a distance @ June in Buffalo

- Mid June 2021 :: Performance of i wanted to fly from the roof and i fell

- Late June 2021 :: Premiere of we are digested and become nothing here @ Divergent Studio

- August 17-24th 2021 :: Premiere of One faces by Line Upon Line

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April 2021 Events/News

Hey everyone! Here are some happenings this month... Saturday April 17th 2021 :: Duo Charango performing dead on the surplus blankets @ the oh my ears festival. Tickets. Thursday April 22nd 2021 :: Po